A simple philosophy

Take charge of your life

You only have one, make the most of it! Give yourself the freedom to lead the active lifestyle you want.

Take control of your diabetes

Don't let your diabetes define you! Create a plan, manage it & obsess over perfect control.

Take action

Prove the naysayers wrong! Give yourself the confidence to do the things you want to do.

Our Story

Ganesha Gear was born January 2018. Our concept was developed while travelling in Bali & South East Asia while trying to identify a solution to the ongoing problem of carrying daily diabetic supplies, that was fit for purpose & more importantly fitted with an active lifestyle.

See our bag in action

Our Founder

Grant, has been a Type 1 Diabetic for over 28 years & learned the best way to manage his diabetes is to be physically active.

Our bag, is developed by a Diabetic, for Diabetics who like to train & keep physically active.

It enables users to keep all their daily diabetic supplies with them, securely, while leading an active lifestyle in the gym or outdoors.

Grant works for the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre where he has developed a digital diabetic project to improve his diabetic control using everyday technology and data to make more informed decisions about his care.

Our Brand

Embodies the positive & empowering traits of Lord Ganesha (prosperity, good fortune & success) to support our community by - sharing wisdom & ensuring you never forget your diabetic supplies; removing obstacles & creating the freedom to lead an active life: protecting against adversity & enables you to manage your condition and creating prosperity, fortune & success by providing a support system.

Our Vision

To empower & enable people living with diabetes to lead an active lifestyle.

Our Mission

To create a global community of people who use our Bag Of Life to hold all their daily diabetic supplies, while they take charge, take control & take action.

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