Diabetic Bag Of Life

Now available in the Diabetes UK webstore

We are delighted to announce that due to the increasing demand and popularity, amongst our diabetic community, our Ganesha Gear Diabetic Bag of Life and bluetooth trackers, are now available for purchase on the Diabetes UK webstore.

The even better news is that all proceeds from sales of our BagOfLife (through the Diabetes UK webstore) will help fight for a world where diabetes can do no harm.

It's time to Take Charge of your life, Take Control of your diabetes and Take Action and lead the active lifestyle that you want to live!

Ganesha Gear Wins Top Award

Our Diabetic Bag Of Life has won the “Most Innovative Diabetic Product Development Company” at the ghp Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021.

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Essentials to keep in your Bag Of Life

We constantly get asked what we keep in our Diabetic Bag Of Life, so we've decided to create a list of our favourite products that we keep in our bag:

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Our bag is designed by a Type 1 Diabetic, for Diabetics. It holds all your essential supplies and accessories, and empowers and enables you to lead an active lifestyle.

Learn more about our Diabetic Bag Of Life, from the person who designed it

User feedback

Beth McDaniel (1/2 Diabetic Duo)

Ganesha Gear Brand Ambassador

"The Ganesha gear bag is definitely a game changer!

Not only does it store all your essential equipment, it also has the perfect amount of compartments for hypo treats, batteries, and medial ID cards.

I feel proud to carry my Ganesha gear bag because of its stylish and sleek design!"

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Ellen Watson (2/2 Diabetic Duo)

Ganesha Gear Brand Ambassador

"The Ganesha Gear bag is truly life changing!

As a student I’m always on the go whether it be to lectures, the gym, shopping and of course socialising. This bag has made the transportation of all my Diabetes essentials effortless!

Everything I need is in one place stored neatly and styled beautifully. Every type one needs one!"

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Tim Atkins (@t_atko)

"This bag is perfect when I'm on the go travelling around with sport or on tour. It's a great design and good size, with loads of compartments for storing all the different medical parts you carry around as a Type 1 Athlete."

Sammie Legg (@type1badassxo)

"Absolutely in love with my brand new bag from #GaneshaGear! It carries literally everything I need - insulin pens (x2), needles, lancets, hypo treats, BG meter and finger pricker! Also came with a pretty awesome bluetooth tracker, so I never lose my supplies."

"I’m always on the go and the bag is perfect! The sleek design and multiple compartments cater for needles, pens, gels and everything in-between. My search is over!

I can’t recommend this bag enough, my only regret is that i didn’t have it in my life sooner!"

"My Ganesha Gear Diabetes Bag of Life can hold everything I need to control Type 1 Diabetes in a day, and it’s especially good for an active day out!

To make it even better it’s a local Scottish business!

Get yours at: www.ganeshagear.com"

"I was searching for a suitable bag, but just couldn't find one that was perfect, either too big, too small, too expensive, but then I found Ganesha Gear. I've been following the progress of their bag for a while waiting for it to be released.

It goes everywhere with me and holds everything I need and more. I couldn't recommend it more.

Do yourself a favour and get one, you won't regret it."

"I'm so happy with this bag which is specific for diabetic use. The bag is of great quality and has enough storage to keep all important diabetic goods along with space for hypo goods.

Having used other diabetic bags from myabetic it is indeed safe to say that the Ganesha Gear bag is much better value for money and is indeed of a better quality.

I will definitely be using these guy's again."

"The Ganesha Gear Diabetic Bag of Life is a fabulous little product!

The perfect size for storing all of my diabetes essentials whilst I’m on the go or even just at home! It has various sections to separate different items and really helps to keep things organised. It also comes with handy straps to change between depending on what I’m doing.

I love it!"

Read Emma's full review of our Ganesha Gear Diabetic #BagOfLife in her blog!

"This is an absolute epic bag with so much room for all my diabetic stuff and even my iPhone charger pack. It's great for the gym and is a total life saver.

This bag is going to be huge!"

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